Q.:  Who are you and why have you brought me here?
A.:   My name is Joe Keady and I’m good at what I do. I thought you might like to know.

Q.:  What is it that you do?
A.:   I translate German and Spanish documents into English. I am also a writer and transcriptionist (75 wpm).

Q.:  Do you do verbal translation?
A.:   Unfortunately no – I am strictly a text-only translator. That could change in the future, though. Check back!

Q.:  What kinds of documents do you translate?
A.:   I mostly translate legal and scholarly documents. Types of legal documents that I have extensive experience with include (among others) employment contracts, leases, licensing agreements, birth/marriage/death certificates, and patent documents. I have also translated a wide array of humanities and social science texts ranging from journal articles and conference papers to encyclopedia entries to an historical biography to documents for scholarly research. (A partial list of published translations is available here.)

Q.:  Why did you name your website after Kafka’s Joseph K.? He’s not exactly the most likeable character in the Western canon.
A.:  1) The name is borrowed from a book called The Trial; I am a legal translator; 2) The Trial is a major work of 20th century fiction as well as a significant contribution to critical thought on modernity; I am a humanities and social sciences translator; and 3) It happens to be my real name. Sue me. (On second thought, please don’t. If life imitates art, then that couldn’t possibly end well for me, could it?)